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The " LAKUMI NATAKA TANDA (Regd) "  is one of the foremost  Tulu  comedy theatre in Mangalore.
" LAKUMI NATAKA TANDA"  da " kusalda kalavider "  was given name in 2003  by the Troupe.  It was set up by 2001  as kusalda kalavider. In 2010, it became an independent entity and was registered as an autonomous organization under the Societies Registration as lakumi nataka thanda(R), The founder of lakumi troupe is Ln kishore  D shetty.

Tulu stage has its own class and creativity. Tulu language does not have any barriers of religion, caste or community. In south Kanara, every community can speak this beautiful and tranquil language. It has no controversy. It has its own national and local honor and admiration. In South Kanara, Tulu plays are one among the major entertainment for admirers of art and culture originating and flourishing in the twin districts. It is an accepted fact that humour produced in Tulu plays can hardly be produced in other languages. Among the many current and past Tulu Trope, Kishore.D.Shetty's lakumi is having his own identify. 

Kishore.D.Shetty has acted in over 450 mythological, historical and social plays. He has perfomed in
" Yakshagana " and has the credit of taking the tulu play "Oriyardh Ori Asal" to the Gulf countries.bagging of the BEST ACTOR AWARD (2009) for his "Srikrishna devaraya" (written by M.K. Seetharama Kulal) staged at panambur for State level Historical Drama Competetion-was the best recent example for his stage capacity. He runs his own business and his love for Tulu theatre prompted him to start "Lakumi Troupe".

Kishore D. Shetty's "Lakumi" have been performing various such plays to packed houses over the last five years. During their short stint, they have performed over 3000 shows of almost 13 plays in Karnataka, Kerala, Mumbai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Muscat and Kuwait.



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 Lakumi Troupe Drama's

1. Kusalda kusal

2. Yerendh yeregottu

3. Nama oyikla sye

4. Ganguna gammattu

5. Aapina aavode

6. Porludaya

7. Anchilatt inchilatt

8. Nambunene nambodu

9. Benpinori thinpinori

10. Edurudongi piravodongi

11. Daane aapundu tooka

12. Budi budi gadi bidi

13. Oyikala yoga bodu


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